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98 Legacy EJ22 Connecting Rod Noise?, Engine Swap?

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I need some advice from the Legacy experts. It has to do with my 1998 Legacy AWD 5-spd 2.2L (EJ22) SW (115k miles)


I have three questions.


1) I recently noticed a knocking noise that sounds suspiciously like a bad connecting rod. I have been told that it is possible that it might be defective timing belt tensioner or bad rod bearing. To verify the source of the knock, I figured I would first sequentially disconnect the fuel injectors to see if the knocking noise characteristics changed -- they did not. I will next pull off the cover of the timing belt and run the engine to get a better idea if any timing belt slap is causing the noise. Does anyone have any other suggestions to more completely diagnose the cause of the knock? (I have removed the power steering-alternator and AC belts - no change in knock noise....)


2) If I do need to swap engines (as opposed to rebuild?? - comments?), I have been told that although 96-98 2.2L could be used, the 97-98 2.2L engines have an improved valve roller mechanism...?? Could anyone verify that this is the case, and if so, provide a bit more detail to help me better understand what this improved feature actually is?


3) Do I need to be certain to get a replacement engine from a manual transmission vehicle or can I use an engine from an automatic transmission car as well?


Thanks very much for any advice!

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Its nearly impossible to diagnose internal engine noise without starting to take the engine apart.


I can say that its likely a rod knock, but it could be other things as well. Its best to just take it apart or replace it.


I can buy an engine local here for about $150 w/ a 90 day warranty....so engines are not very expensive.


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