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Do o2 sensor spacers really work?


I know there have been many debates on the "theory" of it...and thats all that comes up in search.


I'm looking for those who have really used them. If you haven't used them or if you don't have first hand experience with them...please don't bother replying.


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ya. we use them all the time in the audi/vw world on our 2nd post cat o2. for us it depends on the tune....some are more lenient than others in regards to extra mods





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i put one in a 95 lego after cat 02 sensor. and it works fine.


but my own rule of thumb is to use only when necessary. that is if a new front subaru sensor and a new generic rear sensor do not help. the front sensor controls the air fuel mix, you want that one working really well. the rear sensor just checks to see if the cats are doing there job. this is where a spacer would come in handy.


it can correct a p0420 code that new sensors does not correct. and it can save having to install new cats. there are case where new cats have not corrected the code.


but i would install new o2 sensors first and give the system every opportunity to work correctly. for the good of your car, emissions and environment.

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