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Leaking power steering fluid bottom line

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So the lines that lay flat after coming down from both ends are leaking right in the center. Should I just keep driving it like this or is this something that needs to get fixed a.s.a.p?


Maybe theres just too much fluid and now they are stuck there and are now leaking?


Rack and pinion and boots aren't leaking, just the 2 lines that are in the center are.


Feels fine turning it and doesn't make any noise.


Sorry can't upload the pic

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I just had my rack replaced after filling the PS tank every few weeks and getting tired of spots on the driveway.


I think mine was leaking higher up by where the colume enters the box. I had rthe left lower ball joint replced too.


See my ball joint thread in the 4th gen forum.


Be careful which rack is used to replace this one. The A1 Cardone's are junk and my mechanic will not use them.




I think i talk about the steering rack up around post 152 in this thread


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