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ERZ CNT FMIC review-07 Outback


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This is what the kit looks like but the piping is all polished.



The core of the intercooler was pretty compact which is really nice.



The kit came in two seperate boxes which was well pacakged.


The initial install was based off of smithsrsn how to.



The kit was orginally made for the 05-07 Legacy GT sedan and wagon. I contacted ERZ to let me be a test dummy for the Outback. There was no real guarantee that it would fit. Since all the cars had the same layout and frame, the only difference was the bumper. My only concern was, would I be able to keep my fogs with this kit. Since the Outback had bigger fogs then the GT, I wasn't so sure it would work.


The pipes seems like it was close and snug against the walls. From these angles, it looks like it would clear the Outback fogs.




Sure enough it does.



There was a few things I did different from Smithsrsn.


I went over the lines instead of in between. You'll have to unclip the tab to give the lines some room to sag.




I left my under tray intact. Didn't want to expose everything to MN winters. I cut a hole through my under tray to run the driver side piping through.



After driving for a while, I notice that the pipes were really hot. It wasn't hot due to the air traveling through the pipe but because of the engine bay being hot and the pipes soaking in heat. It was hot enough to the point where I was afraid that it would burn through my fuel lines or my a/c line.



I decided to wrap up the two main contact points with exhaust wrap just to be safe. An easier way is to use heating foil to wrap the lines instead of wraping the whole charge pipes.



Under heavy boost, the throttle body has a glued on lip that will come undone or slip off the pipe or throttle body. Mine slipped off the throttle body under heavy load.



Since you are already have the intercooler off, you should really take off the glued on throttle body hose groove clamps. It takes an extra 5 mins to take it off.








The car was tuned at 15.75 lbs of boost and made 284hp 301tq with the stock BPV. The HKS was taken off and sold.



We pressure tested the intercooler and was able to hold boost up to 26lbs with no leaks. Could of went more but there was no need since I will never push that high.



-well packaged during shipping

-great quality and craftsman

-welds are nice

-holds boost very well

-nice thick compact core

-easy install

-retain fogs

-customer service was spot on



-drilling the bar to align the holes was the toughest part

-no gaskets came with the kit

-no instructions

-loses crash bar


The kit is really well put together. Great for the money. I'd recommend anyone to buy this kit.

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update: 08/05/15


3yrs later through MN weather the kit still holds up great. Everything still in tact and have no problem with leaks. I've taken a few charge pipes on and off for maintenance and everything still work as it does. Currently on 19.5 lbs of boost and making 299hp and 314lbs tq.


The only flaw I would say is the discolor of the front mount. I'm sure all front mount would lose their bling after a year.




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