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Subtle Taillight Tinting

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Here's a pic of my taillights before and after.


What do you think? I'm also going to use light black film on the reverse lights and the headlights/turn signals so every light is either black or red.


Btw, I got this stuff from metrorestyling. The quality of the film was amazing, it was fairly simple to apply with help, and it was priced very fair for the quality.

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The red looks like it doesn't match the rest of the light because of the harsh sunlight and crappy camera. I mean, it doesn't match, but it matches better than amber. I'll get a better pic of the whole back end when I get the time.


I HATE amber. It's so... cliche. I took the amber out of the front turn signals too so there aren't any amber lights on or in the car. I want to put red lights on the inside in the back that light up when you open a door, but I feel like that might be way too ricey and/or illegal. haha

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