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Hey all, new to the forums, thought i would say hi and see what you all think of my current project here. Last year i got an 05 LGT, got it with 80k on it, with a totally blown motor. Car is in great shape, inside and out, and is a 5 speed. Pulled the motor, found #3 piston blown apart. I am building this to be my daily driver - and so far this is my progress -


New shortblock

Had my heads rebuilt, all new valves, 3 angle valve job

Gates racing t-belt, h2o pump kit

OEM oil pump, OEM pickup

Megan Racing Header

BNR 16G Turbo

Infamous oil line kit with AVCS line

TGV Deletes

Perrin Crank Pulley

CNT Catless DP

Magnaflow Catback


Comp Clutch Stage 2 w/ Lightweight Flywheel

Turbo XS 50/50 BOV

Cobb Intake w/ Cobb Intake Box

740cc Injectors

Grimmspeed EBC

Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

Grimmspeed Turbo Heatshield

Group N Motor Mounts



Still have to order the Accessport, and a few gauges...


Hope to have this thing all back on the road in a few weeks, might need some help along the way so ill be asking! Any feedback would be great...any advice as well, thanks all!

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Im in CT, and have only heard good things about EFI Logics. They are who i called on some advice to see about the grimmspeed boost control, and if i should upgrade the injectors and fp while only doing a 16g (i had heard stock fuel would be OK...but sketchy), so unless anyone here has a bad experience with them, they will be doing it.
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I would say to go with a killer b oil pickup tube, possibly pan/windage tray as well if you have the dough. Might also want to go with a process west TMIC (again, if you have the cash). Just my $.02, otherwise the build looks great.


Any suspension mods?

"Bullet-proof" your OEM TMIC! <<Buy your kit here>>


Not currently in stock :(

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People have been very happy with EFI on here. I don't have any personal experience with them but I do not ever recall reading anything negative. Is there E85 in your neck of the woods? If you ever want that you will need bigger injectors. 16G on E85 would be pretty fun! GL with the build and welcome!
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Checked out the killer b oil pickup and pan - just couldnt justify the cost of that for a daily. No suspension mods as of yet, eventually im sure i will get to that, nothing major im sure just a mid range set of coil overs. Im not sure if E85 is around here at all, ill have to look around. I use cam2 112 octane in my vette, thats at a gas station up the street from me.
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