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High Coolant Temp & Head Gaskets

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My head gaskets were replaced but coolant temp levels still get 'hot' when you keep WOT it. Can be replicated each time when you bed in the brakes (60mph > 10mph > 60 > 10....) I cant even do 5 without the needle going up


at time of change, looking at radiator and filler - coolant was completely clear not milky - but still bad head gasket


Normal driving and occasional WOT is fine


2 things concern me:

1: How likely can the heads be warped when the needle reached to red and the coolant light came on (briefly, less then 15 seconds at red before started to cool down) ane the needle has reached the big line at least 10x

2: Since my head gaskets were replaced and i drove it around and the temp reached 5 lines below red line (or 2 lines below big line). how likely are my head gaskets still fine after being 5min at this temp. I dont believe it was a whole 5 min but it was up there for a while


note: #1 was before head gasket was replaced


thanks guys


attached is picture of where the needle would be


5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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Check coolant level. May be a air bubble in the system.


Jack up the right front corner of the car, open the cap on the small coolant tank above the turbo. It should be full of coolant. Squeeze the coolant hoses and listen or watch for air bubbles.

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