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master cylinder help

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I have a '96 Legacy L that is in need of a new master cylinder. The problem I have is that the car is in Michigan with my daughter, but I live in Pennsylvania. She has decided to undertake the repair, but has few tools. I am shipping the needed tools to her, however I need some help on bolt and nut sizes.


1) What size flare nut wrench for the lines at the master cylinder? I'm thinking 10mm or 11mm.


2) What size box wrench to bleed the lines at the calipers? My guess is 7mm or 8mm.


3) What size are the two nuts that attach the master cylinder to the brake booster? Here I'm guessing 12mm or 13mm


Since I'll be boxing the tools tomorrow I'm looking for some fast answers. Thanks in advance!


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Thanks brokn. I was hoping to save some money on replacement tools and freight costs, but I think I'll just send her some basic wrench sets so she has them in the future. Besides, I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more tools!
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