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Squeaky turbo noise

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Hi fellas, i've recently been hearing this very loud sqeaky noise when my turbo is spooling which sometimes sounds like a loose belt. Between 1500rpm -2500rpm its there, once im over that engine speed iit stops.


What could it be? It jus started happening out of the blue....Help plzz!!


Its a jdm bl5 with the twinscroll turbo set up, not sure if that would help with any advice. Thanks

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Look for a leaky up-pipe or the flanges / gaskets on either end.
Obligatory '[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2008-gh8-238668.html?t=238668"]build thread[/URL]' Increased capacity to 2.7 liters, still turbo, but no longer need spark plugs.
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