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switching to 17s

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Just bought 2012 Legacy 2.5i premium..came with 16s...Putting on 17 inch rims n tires....Subaru tech said would not affect my speedometer reading..which is my main concern...Has anyone here switched from a 16 to 17 inch wheel on the 2.5i premium...If so is everything all good???
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Switching to 17's isn't a problem as long as the overall diameter of the tire is similar to stock. I believe your stock size is 205/60/16 (approximate diameter of 25.7"), so depending on how wide the 17" wheels are, you can use one of the following sizes safely:


215/50/17 - 25.5" diameter, can fit 6-7.5" wide

225/50/17 - 25.9" diameter, can fit 6-8" wide

235/45/17 - 25.3" diamter, can fit 7.5-9" wide

245/45/17 - 25.7" diameter, can fit 7-9" wide


Please note that the diameters and rim width ranges are just a reference; it could be slightly different depending on the specific tire. It'll tell you in the tire specifications on the manufacturer's site (or whatever site you're shopping from e.g. Tire Rack)


This is a good tool you can use to learn about tire sizing:



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Yes, I have a 17" WRX wheels and a 235/45/17 tire on a 2011 2.5i.....As stated above as long as the Overall Diameter (OD) remains the same (or very close) you will not affect the speedometer!


I went from the Bridgestone EL400 Turanza to a Dunlop Sport SP01 tire and it was by far the biggest improvement in handling and feel of the car.

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