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4 pot brembo, will they fit ?

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There's a local guy selling these black brembos. He said they were ordered online as a universal kit and he was going to make brackets to fit a drag-raced corrolla.


My question is , would you think it would fit a legacy ? he wants $250 for the pair. here are some pics.




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Judging by the pair of brembo's sitting on my desk right now and looking at them. No they will not fit with out a custom made bracket.

276hp/347tq On a DynoJet

Dyno Video - Had a big lean spot as you can tell in the second pull

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That's the main issue is fitment - you will need custom brackets for those, likely one-offs. For the price of those + getting some brackets made, and then possible brake lines (since they may not have the subaru fitting). Even if you get brackets made, you'll probably have to get slightly larger rotors as well, as the mounting brackets will push them out a bit.

(same reason I've got 330mm rotors with the calipers I sell)




Paul Hansen



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