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First road trip for the 97 lgt!

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So its time! My cars rockin 195k miles and just got the whole head gasket service etc etc at 190k! Anything else I should be worried about that I should check out before I hit the open road?


The trip: Sioux city iowa→ battle lake MN, otter tail county: 6hrs, battle lake→ Fargo ND:1.5HRS, Fargo ND→ Sioux city Iowa: 6.5hrs.

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Make sure you set tires to OEM specs on the inside of the driver door frame. DO NOT go off of what the tire says.


Other then that....great car to travel in. I've made tons of trips in my Legacys


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Oh.... HAHA! well I've got bad rear struts, and I heard them MN ladies know how to get down! So if the subi's rockin, dont come knockin! I knew there was a reason I got 10% tint...
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