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05 LGT brakes?

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Ok, after researching I feel confident that with bigger wheels, 05LGT brakes, front and rear, are a bolt on to our cars. Has anyone ever done it? I have seen a thread where a guy put them on an 02 WRX, so again, fitment shouldn't be an issue. this would likely be the best option short of STi Brembos.


Sizes are 12.3" front and 11.3" ventilated rear. ("H6" are unventilated)

Info I have seen suggests minimum of 17" wheels, so clearance could be an issue.


I won't be doing this for some time as i don't have the money and I just put all new/reman 04 WRX brakes on the front of mine. Just putting this out there so people are aware the option exists.



Pricing parts:


Advance: $65.99 ($45.00 core)

Rock Auto: $50.89 ($85.00 core)


Advance: $56.99

Rock Auto: $37.99

cheapest pads:

Advance: $23.49

Rock Auto: $19.82

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They really do look similar. But what if they are the nut spacing is off by a millimeter or so and you just can't discern in the photo. But if it were true, you better get on it for the first guy to make up his own new "mod"!



Also, for contigentcy plans it should be noted that the space saver spare that is located in the trunk of the 2nd Gen legacy DOES NOT clear either the front OR the rear brakes should you decide to go

through with the brake upgrade. I'm assuming you would need to get a 05GT spare just in the event of a real flat.

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lol, like i said in the other thread, that is not in the works for me right now since i am a poor college student, I just started researching it and saw all this and hadn't seen it here, so I thought i would let everyone know.
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well, I superimposed one pic over the other, while the position of the bolt holes is not 100% perfect, the variance is within the expected range for the very slightly different perspective of the two shots. I feel within a 95% certainty that the bolt holes will line up.
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