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2004/2005 front rotors fit a 1997gt?

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would they "fit"? yes and no, they would fit on your hub, but you would need later calipers. or at least the brackets. I have heard that the mounting for the calipers is the same between the early and late calipers so it might be as simple as the later brackets. do you have the single or 2 pot calipers?
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if they are 11.4" rotors they will not fit without changing your caliper bracket. your stock brakes are 10.7"


the 2004 LGT got 11.4" rotors

the 2005 LGT got 12.3" rotors

the 2004/2005 wrx got 11.4"

the 2004 and 2005 non-LGT got 10.7" rotors which are the same as your stock ones.

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also, unless they are a great deal, I say pass. slotted/drilled rotors are really not useful for much on the street besides bling.




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