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Perrin Offset PSRS Installed Review


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Just got a set of the offsetted PSRS's installed!!!!

Currently on the car other than it

Koni Yellows

Swift Sports

Front Rallitek 22mm with HD Endlinks

Rear Perrin 22mm with Solid Endlinks

Front LCA bushings

Rear Camber Adjustment kit

Front Titanium Strut Tower Bar

225/40 on 18x8.5 +45 due to 3mm spacers



-Better turn in

-Straight line stability

-Mid corner steering change sharp

-You feel more attached to the road

-Better turn out



-NVH but I am used to it via friends cars etc not a problem only an issue at 40 or below, and the lane markers on the road but its WAY better than crappy cheap coilovers


So far I have not gotten an alignment yet, planning on as close to -2 in the front and about -1 in the rear with zero toe, I'll report back again once that's done tomorrow or Friday. So far I am very satisfied and the PSRS was something I was able to feel immediately after the install. Definitely not for the one wanting the BMW/Benz stock like ride, but for anyone wanting performance this is a must get application for your car. Night and day difference. Feeling planted even without a proper alignment yet is something I am very stoked about because with the perfect settings I think this could out handle a lot of cars on the road. Also where our cars are meant to understeer from factory, (although I'm still dialing in the konis) this set up has given the car a more of an oversteer feeling, where my commute I used to feel understeer with throttle, the rear seemed to be happy instead. If an increase of NVH isn't a bother do it!!!


BTW Thank You SpeedElement Performance in Fremont, CA for all the help and install!!!!!

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Now with alignment

-1.5 in the front

-1.0 in the rear

Zero Toe in front, minor toe in on rear

7.2 degrees of caster


Took a sweeping turn on a local mtn road and was definitely 10-15mph over my usual speed and it still felt stable and wanted more. Had my buddy in the car and he really noticed the difference also. Took a couple sharp turns and the car pointed in the direction I steered to and coming out of the turn was a lot sharper. Seems like most situations that would end up in understeer is almost gone.

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Turned down the front about half a turn a quarter in rear for now. Better turn in angle and rear rotation perfect! gotta start adjusting micro from here on out.
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I have a set of Moog Camber bolts in the bottom maxed out and fine tuned with the stock lobed bolts in the top. This is probably the max this set up can get without plates.
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