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Dna performance up pipe


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I was talking to a guy who was checking my car out in a parking lot last night. He asked if i took care of the catted up pipe for the 05. I said no. He told me he has a DNA performance UP for $20. I could not find much info on it. Anyone have this pipe?
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Apparently its an ebay up pipe but they are a vendor on nastycock and everyone says theirs products are good...the up pipe is said to be alot larger than stock so a tune would be needed i assume


You assume too much.

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Not currently in stock :(

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I figured as much because I saw PDX has a tune for stage 1 and then a tune for a stage 1 + higher flowing up pipe with nice results. So i guess if i wanted the best possible gain i could get a tune for it along with other supporting mods I plan.
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A larger diameter UP is not necessarily better, if the openings are larger than the collectors and the turbo side, you will have an area of instability created.


Additionally, you don't want to put cheap crap before your turbo you run he risk of a weld being bad and getting sucked right up into the turbo.


There is a resistor you put in to defeat the cel.


I would stick with a Cobb, invidia, or used sti/Wrx catless UP.




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