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No air from top vents!!!

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What is the deal?


Got a 90. Whether it is heat or ac, the top vents along the dash do not throw out air. The floor vents and the defrost vents do.


Help me, please. Love the car, want to fix it myself, a weekender. I have heard: mechanic only, clogged vents, motor behind the glove box, vacuum hoses...


What do you all suggest I do first? Youtube video on it?


God's peace be with you. Thank you in advance. Proud owner of this 90 with only 88k.



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If you look under the dash on the driver side

there is a little lever/bar towards the center

console box that needs to be pushed. It's a

faded-white color. I think the bottom has to

be pulled towards you or something. It's been

a long time. I used to have pictures. Maybe I

can find some for you as I didnt drive into work

today. Either way, what essentially happened is

that now that lever wont switch on its own anymore

so you have to do it manually. I suppose once you

find the piece I'm talking about you could tie a small

rope to it or something to pull it. I've tried adding

more grease, but it's never worked for me and always

just ended up getting my hands dirty grabbing it the

next time. It helps to lay down and look under there.


From this view it's perfectly hidden behind that mess of wires...but I'll keep looking.

Couldnt find one, but if you can take a picture of that area without all the freakin

wires in the way I could show you what I mean. You can kind of see it if you know

what you're looking for in the picture, but whatever.




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It is extremely nice to be a part of a forum like this. Legacy Wagon, THANK YOU!!!! It took me all of three minutes to do exactly what you said, and it worked!!! I thank you very much. No telling how much the mechs at my local dealer would have charged me, not to mention how much more time I would have spent grasping at straws to know what was the matter, instead doing something that I did in no time at all with your free knowledge.


Peace and triple thanks.



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