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cleaning the idle air control valve

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Planning to clean the IACV to fix a fast idle. Looked online and found a suggestion which seemed to come from the service manual that you should clean the valve by detaching the air inlet hose and pouring engine cleaner (seafoam was suggested) while the engine is running. Has anyone tried this?


My original plan was to remove and spray out the valve. Has anyone done this? I'm just wondering if the screws are soft like on the WRX (so I know to buy extra).


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Yes the screws are soft!

To really clean it, you have to remove it from the IM. The shaft sticks and you can't really free it unless you remove the plastic housing.

I replaced with cap screws(due to a recommendation on USMB). 8mm for body and 5mm for plastics(in my case on a 99 2.2).



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