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fitting a gt catback to a na


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i am new at this performance upgrade thing.


i want to put a new catback in my 2006 subaru legacy 2.5i (NA) and for the most part i only see that catbacks such as the borla catback is made only for the gt version. i called one of the companies and asked what i needed to fit this into my car, they said to get a test pipe.


is there anything else i will need to consider before i even purchase a catback meant for a gt?

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The mid-pipe back on the N/A is the same as the GT, other than on 2005 2.5i models I believe. So an exhaust designed to bolt up to a GT should work, unless it's been designed as a turbo-back only.


Issues to consider is that a 3" is going to be larger than the n/a needs. That said, I've sold more 3" systems than 2.5" systems to n/a Legacies, so go with whatever you want to run. You will need an adapter piece where the 3" meets the standard exhaust (at the donut flange).




Paul Hansen



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IT will all come with time no worries learn your way around the site and things will be much easier on you.. or if you cant find it on the site do a quick google search and it will usually find a bunch of LGT.com threads, search first, post a thread second! thats what ive learned or if you post first be prepaired to be made fun of :lol: either way someone will help you sooner or later!! good luck
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