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RCE T1 dampening adjustment


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I dont think RCE checks the forum on weekends and Im hoping to do this for my auto-x event tomorrow so...


does anybody know if I'm suppose to hear clicks when adjusting the dampening? Cause I dont hear anything so I dont know where to start/stop when I move on to another corner. And does it stop turning once I reach full soft/stiff? Or will it just keep turning and cause potential damage?

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You won't really hear clicks but you should certainly feel them. You should be using an allen wrench and be gentle, there are limits in either direction and forcing the adjustment screw could cause damage.


You should always start with the valve closed (righty tighty) then open the valve to make it softer and count how many clicks out you go.


If you're on the standard 400lb rates the rce recommended settings are 16/14 clicks for dd/street, 10/8 clicks for track/autoX, and 14/12 for bumpy/wet track. These are turns out from full stiff and front/rear.

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