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Help with Thule rack?


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I was just on the Thule site and with their fit guide it says nothing is compatible. But I've Thule roof racks on legacys before.


Will the 480 traverse foot pack work on the Legacy? What fit kit do I need?


I also want to use the square bars, seems I should go with the 48" width?

What length fairing should i use also?


Using the roof rack to haul a couple DH bikes around, so I would like to get a rack setup as spring is on us.


Thanks for any help,


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I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on an Aero kit... what's the difference between the 480R & 400XTR? And why (on Thule.com) does it say the 480R requires a 53-inch blade, where the 400XTR takes a 47-inch blade? :confused:
Tits mcgee
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If you have a 4th gen I have the feet and rubber attachments. Had it mounted on my 4th gen but I sold it and have them ready for sale.


Let me know if you want pics of it.



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deltanu, you got it. the 400xt is the older model and thule has moved us to the newer 480.


on my 2005 LGT, I have:

- LB50 50 Load Bar

- 480 Traverse Foot Pack

- Kit 1340 for 480

- Old school fairing from around 2001 which they no longer make. (The current fairing available for 4th Gen is the 44 inch).

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