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LGT Wagon With side impact


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I found an LGT Wagon that a guy is selling and was interested to hear some peoples input.



  1. The car has 69000 miles
  2. Dude bought car with damage to rear quarter panel and rear driver side door at at an auction with roughly 50000 miles
  3. Dude repaired car including full panel replacement paint etc, said it was $4000
  4. Car has airbag light on, dealer told him he needed a new airbag wiring harness for the curtain airbag on driveres side. apparently a 2k fix including labor


What are peoples feeling on this. The price is certainly right and I am willing to fly to this guy assuming everyhting checks out. I know i should take this with a grain of salt but he seemed to be a legacy enthusiast, he knew how rare gt wagons are and how exceedingly rare manual wagons are. He also was able to talk with me about my Spec.B which lead me to believe he knew his stuff and was honest. Not just looking to dump a bad ride.





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first off, what is the selling price of the car?

2. get info on damage to the rear axle, control arms, hub, etc.

4. double check that-it sounds like it may need the curtain airbag on the drivers side to be replaced-it may have gone off during the collision. You could replace it on your own, but you will most likely need a scan tool or dealer level interface to reset impact sensors, or replace them and then re-set them( but I'm not a SUBARU mechanic, just a mechanic, I don't know the details)

also check if the drivers-side seat airbag went off- may need replacement as well


My personal opinion: if the car can be in your purchased for less than $5k and your willing to spend almost $5k to bring it to 100% then I'd say its worth it, otherwise I'd say be patient and wait for a non wrecked/salvaged car.


Just be aware there is no certainty that the car will be as safe in an accident as it was from the factory...or handle/drive like it did from the factory(bent or damaged uni-body)



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It was fully repaired so I would not have to do much. The airbag did go off and was replaced when the car was repaired. it was driven for a while with no airbag light and the light came on later. Subaru dealer told him it was the airbag harness that needed to be replaced.
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This is in the DC area right? If you want to arrange for someone to look at the car I can probably find the time to do that--can also drop it by a trusted mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection if you want. I would imagine it would be $100 or less (would not include a leakdown/compression test if you wanted that though).

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Not currently in stock :(

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