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Need help with nasty alarm in the drivers door

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Greetings from Bulgaria,


I drive a Legacy Royal 1994(3) 2,2 Lsi. One day ago as i was driving i heard a low nasty constant sound. As i stopped it continued. It runs when the car is running to with engine off. After some looking/hearing around i found it in the drivers door. After some disasembly i found a little "siren" connected to the inside of the door handle. Couldnt find whats it for and even more why is always on. Disconnecting the battery for some time didn't help :confused:

And two pics for illustration

I apreciate any help :)

Thank is advance



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The central locking works, the buttons for closed doors work also ( the inside light fades and the lights on the dashboard go off as well), but this damn things keep going on constantly, i've just unpluged it for now untill i find the cause of the terrible noise :S
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Hey, I think you fixed it XD

Honestly, I've never seen that before.

I hadn't taken off my door card since I

bought the car though. I figured it was

something to do with that button for

closing the door.


Well apparently the door chime is under

the dash, unless since you have a different

trim they arranged it differently? Maybe someone

has taken off their door cards recently that will

recognize that.



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