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98 OB is stalling and bucking, very confused

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If this is a double post I apologize, no time to search the forum today and the sube is acting up.


I just got the head gasket and water pump replaced a few weeks ago and now the car stalls when in first gear sometimes and my girl just called me saying it was "bucking" on the freeway so she safely parked it and had a friend drive her to work.


1. The alternator needs to be replaced as the bearing is gone, which I am tracking one down right now.


2. The ignition coil is bad on one of the nobs. I am also trying to track one of these down...probably pick and pull....


Just checking to see if the symptoms fit the path of thinking I am on....


thanks in advance....

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The bucking was from the timing belt. It was 2 teeth off so when the car went above 3500rmp it would start to act up.


That was fixed and now that particular issue is over. but now a new one has started...haha of course. now it is a clicking when the clutch is depressed. Now the next part of the old car riddle must be solved.


thanks for the help people.

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