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Track day at Buttonwillow


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Had an absolute blast yesterday at Buttonwillow Race Track. Lot's of Subarus with a scattering of BMWs, Audi S4s, a Lotus Elise, Porsche GT3, and a race-prepped Fiat.


Here are some group pics. I've got lots of under-the-hood pics on my other camera but left the damn cable at home, so I can't download them here at work. I'll post those up later tonight.


Also have some great, hot lap video footage taken from a pedistal mounted to the sunroof outside of my LGT. 3 laps on the tail of an M3. Stayed close the whole time. I need to figure out how to host the video still. Any volunteers?







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A few more tidbits: 150 total track miles, 9.2 mpg avg on track, sucked a whole tank dry faster than a camel at a riverbank.


Here are my poor Falken Azenis tires after a hard day's exercise.




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The pics of the tires is why anyone considering running a full track day should get a set of R-compounds, or use an older set of tires with minimal tread depth. I once ruined a one week old set of street tires at a track day. The next time I went, I got a set of used tires that had about 30% tread depth left and they held up fine. Actually still have them on that car.
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A few more pics:






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