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Night Import "Collaboration" Meet (3/1/12)


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Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/283958254986154/


Location: Descanso Spa Underground Parking Structure

Address: 7200 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga, CA

Time: 7:00pm~11:00pm


You guys asked for it, so I made it happen.

NI's official 2nd meet will be held at an underground parking structure!!


Here are some specifics I want to mention about this location.

1. Accommodates more than 200 cars

2. Enough ventilation

3. 2 entrances/exits

4. Underground parking structure

5. Confirmed with the property owner

6. 1013MM attendance


This will be a one time meet, so don't expect there to be a 2nd one!

I will NOT talk with the cops because Tujunga is surrounded by 4 police departments/divisions and contacting every single one will be a PITA. Once you leave the meet, it will be your own responsibility to not get pulled over.


Many of you guys know I'm a straight-up person and very honest, so if I see anyone acting in an immature way inside or outside of the structure, I'll kindly ask you to leave. Don't be thinking I'll be standing at a corner waiting for such happenings to settle on its own. PLEASE ACT RESPONSIBLY.


I hope to see many of you guys there. Think of this meet as a collaboration to bring the automotive community together. See ya'll there!






*For those coming from the 210W, I recommend taking the Sunland exit instead of Lowell/Tujunga. If you plan on exiting the Lowell/Tujunga exit, stick the right lane and when you hit the traffic light, take a right turn, go straight up until you hit Foothill, take a left, and go down until you reach the final destination.

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If I remember right are you the one that's the autoshop teacher that lives in high desert?


not quite:lol: unless theres another person in the desert:iam:

i live in the high desert, went to automotive school and living with my brother whos a teacher


gray lgt w/ purple rims and purple rings around the projector lights... not sure if i had purple rims at the all lgt meet

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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hahaha, i moved up here summer of 2010... didnt realize, almost 2 year already, geeze...

there were some people up here, none that i know who had legacy... the meets up here died:( no ones really up here anymore and the few who did have subies got other cars... the only time i met other legacys was the rosco's chicken and waffles last year. i go down to the riverside meet pretty often and want to hit up the ie meet at sears in rancho cucamonga.

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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Hahah yea I was at the roscoes meet too. There were a few scooby meets in industries too. I only knew like 4 people that lived in the IE or diamond bar, walnut area that had legacy's. Everyone else drove a wrx at cal poly. I used to work for san bernardino county back in 09. That's when I was desert driving the hell out of the legacy and we were fixing computers out in the high desert and jumped the work van too. Boy was that fun all the tools flying off the walls in the back of the van. Now I go to school northridge and I am the only legacy there. Next to a bunch of wrx/sti kids there who are real asshats always trying to stir some sh*t up.
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:lol:at the work van and tools


your always gonna have stupid kids, its just how they grew up. i grew up with my 3rd brother's friends (11yrs older) and i learned quickly to be responsible and respect others, his friends shop specialize in mustangs (GTR High Performance) and because of great customer service and satisfaction is how they started from a small shop to a well known company in SoCal. i had a eBay ricer when i was 15 but i wasnt a jerk, and turned around and broke even with the car 3 years later - that was the plan, good looking car (teenager) so its easy to sell. 18 got the lgt and couldnt be happier, im 21 and still not a jerk:) i respect the who tastefully modify their cars and laugh at the kid ricers

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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