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So, uh........

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I'll do my best to describe this.......


So the wagon has developed a shimmy / slight vibration. It only happens while in drive, completely stopped with foot on the brake. It goes away when in neutral or while in motion. It is progressively gettin worse.


Now it seems I've developed a bit of a squeak from the rear end. It only happens in motion in speeds not exceeding 15 mph. Yanno, like creepin through a parking lot.


2000 BHD auto 177k miles. All fluids under the hood are good to go


I don't like the ideas that pop into my head. Then again, my ideas don't amount to much. I am a cook not a mechanic. :lol:

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Well it sounds like your transmission mount or

motor mounts are getting worn down. That would

cause the vibration at a stop light and when you

shift it into neutral it lets off of a lot of the forces

on those mounts so it settles. Mine does the same



Go to your back bumper and push down on it with

some force. If it bounces 1-1/2 to 2 times then

chances are your rear shocks are either bad or

on their way out. If you do it and hear the squeak

that's probably it.

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