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Gas Leak Around Drive Side Firewall


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Not a frequent poster so I may not know all the rules but was unable to find (within a reasonable timeframe) any topic on a related problem. Please forgive if I've broken the rules...


Model: Legacy GT Limited Wagon (Turbo)

Year: 2005


The previous winter and this one as well, I have noticed that when the temperature falls below approximately 25-20 degrees that I get a strong odor of gasoline in the interior of the car. I can't say for certain how much of that is coming from the HVAC or if its actually just emminating from somewhere in the interior. With that said, the smell will go away once I start driving/moving so I'm under the assumption that the majority is coming from the HVAC.


What I do know is that the gas lines enter the firewall in front of the driver and then travel down. From there I am not certain where they go but many manufacturers have historically run these close to the kick panel (I know there is another name I'm not thinking of). I'm under the assumption this leak is occuring due to the cold temp shrinking a gasket and the pressure from the fuel pump simply pushing some out. The smell on the outside around the cowl is only faint but once stopped and setting it becomes much stronger.


I haven't noticed any significant degridation in fuel mileage so its not as if it is pouring on the ground.


And once the temp gets a bit higher the smell goes away and it seems to be "on or off"...no in between where the smell is "mild" per se.


Any advice/insight would be much appreciated before I tear into it myself!

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@Max Capacity,

Thanks for directing me to your thread. Sounds like its somewhat common. I'll see what I can determine on mine. Hoping of course that its more your simple solution and not something more involved (cracked lines, etc.).


And in either case I'll probably do as many in your thread will do and contact Subaru of America and report my issue and concern.

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