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2005 2.5 GT Limited Misfire on all 4 cyl.... HELP!!!

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I have a 2005 legacy 2.5 gt limited with 138,000 miles i have had so many issues with this car that i am trying to get rid of it. Every time i think about trading or selling her something breaks or goes wrong... a week ago sitting in traffic i noticed that while idling that the whole car shakes.... went home hooked it up to the code reader and it spit out misfire cyl 1, 2, 3, and 4 and then too lean bank 1.... the cruise control light is blinking, and the check engine lights on..... when i open the hood i can hear the sound of air flowing like there is a loose, cracked or hole in a hose. sound is coming from the intercooler area. i had the turbo blow 2300 miles ago for the second time since i have owned the car, and thought maybe they didn't hook something up properly at the dealership because it's not like that hasn't happened before. went to the dealer today and they said that because of the miles that if i traded it in they would only give me 2200 bucks for it even if i did fix what was wrong with it.... blue book was around 7500 and 8500 on a trade. looking for some opinions on what to do. trade it in for an amount of money that wont even cover the tax on a new car or try to sell it myself and hope that the lemon law doesn't bite me in the ass within 30 days....
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First check that you didn't pop off a hose to the intercooler, that's rather easy and can throw all kinds of weird codes since it completely messes up the air flow and pressure sensors.


And then check that the intercooler itself isn't damaged.


If you want to trace the leak that you hear - use a garden hose. Put one end to your ear and then the other end around to suspect locations and listen.

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