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Help, exhaust leak?

mmm def

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Alright I got my TurboXS UP, my COBB HFC DP and my perrin top mount put in today, I'm driving home, CEL and cruise flashing but that's another post, the car started sounding really airy when I gave it gas, open the windows and it sounds like an old VW bug, putt putt putt, sounds horrible. So i'm pretty sure i have an exhaust leak, question is, is this dangerous and why did it take 4 hours of driving to show up?


i'm freaking out, Precision isn't open until Monday.


How about the CEL and cruise? It doesn't come on around town, soon as I get on the highway and cruise about 70 it starts.


:-( :-(


Help please, I'm a stressball.

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I think your cel is being triggered from the EGT sensor in the up-pipe, from your description. Silly question, did you flash in a new Stg2 base map? As for the leak(s), I can only speculate that once the cast iron pipe heat cycled, it started leaking.


In any event, these issues although annoying, do not pose any serious threat to your engines health.


BTW, you can use the AP to read the cel, this way, you know what your up against. This is why paying for an up install sometimes is worth the expense, because now this is the installer's headache, and not yours!!!:)

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Hey man,


Well they said they performed the resistor mod, I'll check. I'll get the code # again, but last time I checked ad Precision it said i think left bank cat or cat lean..i think it was code 140? I will run it tonight...Rich said something with the ECU not recognizing the rear hfc cat. I had new gaskets put in, the leak sounds like it's coming from the UP, i can't exactly tell where though. smells like an old muscle car and is all raspy haha.


My quick impression of stage 2 + intercooler: the car breathes much easier, it's very smooth even at 5,000+ rpms. i only got on it a few times, but stage 2 hauls ass. 4th gear at 70mph is insane, 5th gear has soem great torque. 3rd gear you get the holy shi*, 1st gear i haven't nailed it yet, 2nd gear is quick and smooth. The car sounds a lot throatier, il get a sound clip or a short video once the issues are resolved.


Should I have it flatbedded to Precision? If there is an UP leak, wouldn't the turbo be boosting more to make up for the leak? This could be a long week...:)



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It was Nick and Rich. I just spoke with Rich by the way. He said when they put the UP in they put the original EGT sensor back in, he said he probably should have plugged it and did the resistor mod in the first place. With the different metals for each pipe, I guess the sensor didn't stay in or wasn't a tight fit....shiz happens and I don't think they did anything wrong.


So I talked to Rich 10 min ago, I am taking my car down after work, 1.5 hr drive. They are going to stay open for me, said it will take a few minutes to correct it. Although it is a bit of an annoyance to drive it back down there, I am very impressed with Precisions customer service, Rich is a great guy to work with. Besides...once fixed I get my nice stage2 all the way back up the parkway. Now what's up with the Express EZPass, it's great that we don't have to sit in tollbooth traffic but wtf, I can't rip my 0-75 anymore :(

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