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I need Tylenol - aka, learning about relays

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I've been trying hard to figure out this relay issue and am rather stuck now, not understanding a few things.


My blower motor died and that's been the issue I'm trying to fix. Last Fall, when the fan (all speeds) just died, a friend replaced a relay and it worked fine after that. Using the old receipt, I purchased what I thought would be a "black, square shaped" relay, identical to the one in the main fuse box (under the hood). A fellow tested the wires under the passenger-side dash and told me that there was no power at that source. There wasn't exactly room for both in that tiny space so I wasn't able to learn as much as I wanted.


The rely I bought this afternoon is gold metal and round on top and doesn't fit properly. As my friend installed the first relay for me I am thinking that there must be location for this relay, but I don't know where to look. I would very much appreciate some help if anyone is around this evening.


Ideally I want to purchase locally and not have to order online, if possible (just because I'd rather not wait so long).


Thank you.

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Hi Laz,


Not sure what pics would be helpful to but here's a site that has pics of the two different looking relays.





The one I bought today has the rounded top (gold metal) similar to photo #1 and the one in the fuse box is square, black plastic (photo #3). Both types have 4-prongs.


I just used the same part number of what worked before, when we had the same issue last Fall.


thank you.

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Weird :/ Man...next time you go to the junk yard see if there's any relays. I always take all of them and fuses if they're in the car.


I'm not sure why there's two different styles. I've never seen the rounded top anywhere on the car before to be honest.

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Good morning, LW


I hope you had a good weekend! Our weather has been amazing .. for a whole week now.


I am most proud to say that I replaced my relay and got the blower motor/fan working well. A big accomplishment in my world. When the cool air hit my face I thought I'd died and gone to Newbie Heaven.. lol


The rounded top relay is the correct relay for the blower fan. It's located in a most awkward place, way up past the cabin fuse box and little light bulb (driver left, under the dash). Took me forever to find that information - hours of Google searching were my godsend. Also, I knew that it just had to be located somewhere because my friend installed the same thing last Fall and I hadn't remembered either of us having to return a 'wrong item".


The relay is encased in a white plastic holder with side clips. That part was hard for me to grasp and I don't have the hand strength, let alone while contorted like a Cirque du Soleil performer! I finally had to borrow a neighbor, for his strength. I had given it my best shot, but there was no way that darn relay was coming outa there (for me). He ended up having to break the plastic sides to remove it, but that was fine and doesn't affect the new relay.


Earlier in the day I'd purchased my first set of NEW wrenches, in proper sizes. Used those to remove the blower motor. Once I had cleaned out the little hose and made sure the connections were replaced it started right up. I didn't have to totally remove it and really, that wasn't so easy. Seemed like there was something blocking its removal, maybe an extra wire that I didn't notice or anything. Other than that, three screws.







Oh, and I cleaned my battery posts with baking soda, water and a toothbrush. I had planned on seeing if the JY had any of the black relays but they were closed the day I went out there. Next time.


It was just a month yesterday since I started learning about my car so I'm doing pretty good!

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Well I got a lot done! Constitutes a good weekend for me. Put some new seats in the Legacy too.


Nicely done :D Was there anything in the blades?


Haha, nice. I had gotten a new battery a few months back. My old one still worked, but it was from 2003. Figured it was time to move on.

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Thanks :)


I didn't actually have to remove the whole motor because it started up after I'd cleaned what I could and made sure everything was reconnected properly. This was after I installed the infamous relay of course! There is something tricky about getting the motor totally out of there, it's not like I didn't try. I should've kicked it.. lol I spun it both directions and it moved freely. Didn't see any leaves or debris in there.. no winning lottery tickets either.


New seats eh? Okay, I'll see your seats and raise you one relay!


Hey, LW... how much do you pay for those relays when you go to your local auto wrecker? I'm referring to the regular shaped black ones that are found in the fuse box (hood).

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