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1994 Subaru Legacy - Check Engine Light help!

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Hi all... newbie to the forums here. I tried a cursory search for the information I am in need of but couldn't readily find it. So here goes....


I just recently bought a 1994 Subaru Legacy for the wife since she totaled her Tahoe. It is a front wheel drive model with the 2.2L motor and automatic transmission. The car has 218K miles and seems to run very well. However, when I bought it the "check engine" light was flashing at me. I wasn't terribly concerned because the car runs great, the automatic transmission shifts just fine, and the price was right! Besides I figured, "Hell, I'll pull the code and probably find it's a sensor or something benign." Well, easier said than done apparently. I have read the silly and vague "Hayne's" manual and it's about clear as mud. I found a really good video on YouTube on how to do this but I'm not having any luck. I don't know if I am not finding the right connectors under the dash or what? Anyway, on to the symptoms....


The check engine light will not come on when I first start the car. However, it will come on once the car is up to temperature and the transmission is put in to "Drive". Sometimes if I start driving while the car is still below operating temperature the light doesn't come on until the engine has reached operating temperature. This leads me to believe the problem is temperature related in some capacity. I do know that the auto transmission fluid does need to be changed along with a new filter. I plan on doing that this week. However, I doubt that will fix my problem. To complicate matters I can't seem to get the trouble code by connecting the green diagnostic connectors under the dash. I understand I am supposed to disconnect the black "T" shaped ECU connector under the dash when I try to get codes out. That's my understanding at least.... However, I cannot get the "check engine" light to spit out the exact trouble code. This is the first Subaru I've ever had and I'm not entirely sure I am performing the code extraction procedure correctly.


Can anyone out there help a brother out? Does anyone have clear and precise instructions (and maybe a few pics) to help me ensure I am doing this properly? The car still runs fine but I want to be proactive in solving this problem before it manifests as a real problem.


Thanks to anyone who can help me!

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