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It just died....

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Well my Suby just died in a parking lot. So I towed her home and started troubleshooting. Yes, I have spark and fuel comes from the “out” side of the fuel filter. She will crank all day but not “fire”. If I let her set for a hour or so she’ll start to fire just for a second when I turn the key. So I decided to put my foot on the gas pedal and…..






The sound varies depending on how far you push the pedal down. It sounds like it might be coming from underneath the car, but it also sounds like it could be coming from the top/back by the firewall. When you release the pedal it stops, promptly!

Any suggestions guys?


It is a 2000 Legacy Brighton 2.5L, Automatic Transmission.


Thanks Osei!

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You need to state car and engine.

see http://www.main.experiencetherave.com/subaru_manual_scans/

go to right unit.

Check the timing marks. Pull the end covers and turn crank (22mm) until the timing marks line up. A line hash mark on the pass. side with the seam of the cylinder head and block and the same type of mark with the notch in the rear of the timing cover on the driver side. Note, these are hash marks NOT arrows.


If one lines up and the other is off by more than one tooth, your t belt has slipped and probably needs to be replaced.

Do search for T belt replace.


If they are on the mark, report back.



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Thanks for the reply.


They are on mark.


I tested the fuel pressure with a gauge, in-line before the injectors. Got up to like 70 and dropped up and down as i cranked.


Here is the sound, crank the audio! I took it on my cell and may have had my finger over the mic.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAdg7W8Te4Q&feature=player_profilepage]‪0805112106‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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Ok,the sound is in the transmission and if other sources are right its a servo - everything normal.


However, I did find the problem..... Say hello to my timing idler/sprocket!



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