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Keith's Partout Thread


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Edit- All items sold! Thanks guys!




Perrin Mufflers w/ Perrin License Plate Frame-SOLD!

Subaru 1.2mm restrictor pill -SOLD!

CNT Catted Downpipe w/ Adapter -SOLD!

Weathertech front floor mats (black) -SOLD!

Haynes Repair Manual -SOLD!

Goodyear Assurance Wiper Blades -SOLD!

Cobb Double-Adjustable short throw shifter -SOLD!

Tactrix 1.3U Cable -SOLD!

Cobb turbo heatshield -SOLD!

Subaru turbo stud -SOLD!


All prices are OBO, but if you offer a lower price I may wait a while to see if I get a better offer. I’m hoping to sell most of this locally, so locals have first dibs. I’ll open it up to shipping if I don’t have any bites. I already have all my stock parts, so not looking for trades. Let me know if you have any questions!

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will the Perrin's bolt up to the X02 Y pipe I have or is there a size difference in piping???


I have heard of other members bolting them to an xo2 midpipe with no problems. I even thought about doing that myself. I just don't know how they work on a wagon.

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Haynes repair manual sold!


Anyone interested in the heatshield, turbo stud and wiper blades for $40 total? Honestly i'm shocked nobody has claimed the heatshield yet. Best money I ever spent on heat protection, and it looks great in the engine bay.

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