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Hit a large rock, Car acting funny.


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Hey guys .. So i was driving down a dirt road and I didnt see a large rock embedded into the road. ended up going right over it down the middle and i heard 2 big clunks. Now My car is sounding, and acting funny.


1. sound .. my exhaust is MUCH louded now it seems, also can hear a distinct like fluttering sound ... definately different than normal (full aftermarket exhaust, race cat dp, catless up).


2. performance ... the throttle response seems a little bit off, as well as my boost is taking longer to fill up, i think im hitting boost at closer to 4k, instead of closer to 3.


i looked underneath, i cant really see any damage .. maybe the ehxaust got lodged and has an opening ? what do you guys think ....

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thanks ... ill let my mechanic know that when he checks it out. I wonder if this is easily fixable ... : / ... also, should i be babying right now until its fixed? like ... limp it around everywhere ?
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