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HELP!! 1997 Legacy GT won't drive and turn at the same time!


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My mechanic seems to be stumped. Here's the scoop. My car (listed above) will not turn when driving. Not well anyway. It turns like there is a police boot connected to one or two wheels. We are unable to tell if it's the back or front wheels. The tires are nearly new and are not rubbing on anything and they have plenty of air. There is no loud sounds except for the wheels dragging on turns. When the car is up on the lift everything looks good; even when we start the car and turn the wheels all the way. The oil in the transmission and rear differential looks clear with no metal shavings. Because of the age of the car I don't want to put too much money into it even though it is in good shape and has been very dependable for many years. Anything you can pass along would be greatly appreciated or if you have questions I'm not covering here :confused: . Thanks
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