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Quick questions on Navi upgrade


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Hope this is the right spot for this post.


I just got a nice 2008 Legacy 3.0 R Limited and want to upgrade the Navi system; I currerntly find myself driving in places where there are no roads. :confused: Can anyone advise as to whether the new Navi upgrades are, in fact, worth the expense -- as in, true improvements over what was being released in 2008? And, can anyone advise as to how difficult the new installation might be? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and expertise.

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Updates are simply a matter of buying the newest version on dvd and popping it in the dvd player under the seat. The disk(s) aren't cheap though, I think around $200, not worth it for most people.


...and you call yourself searcher :)



try PM'ing charlesdixon

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BradyCat: Thanks. Not sure how I missed that thread. All I was turning up was something from 2007. :redface: I guess I'm the unSearcher now. But I do appreciate the help.


So ... there's a DVD player under the seat? Really? Who knew? There's not enough room under the seats to insert a paint stick. Don't tell me that I'm forced to read a manual?!

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