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Spring rates for 08-09 GT and 2.5i?

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Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone knows the spring rates for the stock springs on a 08-09 Legacy GT wagon and a 08-09 Legacy 2.5i sedan? Both with an automatic. Reason I'm asking is I was curious if stock LGT wagon springs are stiffer at all than the base 2.5i models. My wife has a 09 2.5i SE and the rear is a little squatty. I was planning on putting in some 1/4" or 3/8" saggy butt shims but then I got the idea of maybe putting some wagon rear springs in there for a little extra support. We take friends with us in it quite a bit so the extra stiffness would help. Plus I hate the squatty butt look. :lol:


Thanks for any insight...



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Thanks for the tip. It seems weird that a sway bar would decrease squat though. I'd think they would only help with the bodyroll factor unless the bushings are super tight or something. Hmmm.



The rates are the sames for the LGT and 2.5i. If you are shopping for springs just shop for LGT springs and make sure you get the right tophats to accommodate them

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