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Lowering an OB... what about the axles?

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Hey all, long time lurker here, have always loved the LGT sedans. Over time I was really interested in a wagon, then was crushed to discover that they were discontinued in the US. Ignorantly, I did very little research on the Outback but after seeing this....




I LOVE this look, though I'm not sure I could pull it off. The body cladding really sets it off. I had no idea that the XT came with the turbo 2.5 and a 5MT. Just spent the last hour and a half feverishly looking this up.... just had a question though.


For those of you with lowered OBs, how are your axles holding up? I'm a bit rusty in this department, what sort of adjustment would help prolong axle life on a lowered car? I assume LGT bumpstops, and LGT suspension.... ?


Another thing, which colors have the body cladding matched? I tried looking but found no answers. Is it certain years as well? I just noticed this white one was body-matched: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ctd/2517468707.html





Thanks in advance! My god, I am in :wub: with the Legacy once again....

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Mine are fine. I can't remember when I did the Bilstein install, but it must be close to 15 or 20k by now. And I ran a set of coilovers for 10k or so. So more than half the life of my car has been lowered and everything is fine.


Cladding matching is year specific. For example, in 05 you could get a straight Newport Blue Pearl Outback. But in 2009, you could only get a two tone NBP car.


Look here and browse pictures for the years you are interested in:



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Yup I drive quite agressive and have had my fair share of 5500 rmp launch control launches while lowered and as far as I know my axels are perfectly fine. Once I got my new clutch in I tried to launch like I did on my old clutch and it bogged so back I hit the bump stops. Cant go any lower than that and im sure that wouldve been fairly stressful on them. (clutch was replaced because they was a crack in the flywheel and was messed up from previous owner)
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