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New to forums , just got a 05 leg 2.5i

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Hi everyone,

sorta new to this forum and just got my legacy.

Im a college student and needed something simple and reliable and couldnt afford the lgt.


What are the cheapest and more simple performance upgrades I can do?

I cant find any real specific parts for the 2.5i other than air filters and small things like that or is that just how things are with the gt being the more focused model to create performance parts for?

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Welcome from another 2.5i member.


There is no performance upgrade we can do. They do have aftermarket intakes, but stock intake is still best. Get yourself an AVO filter and upgrade your suspension.

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First off, welcome to the forum!


I not-so-fondly remember being a college student with barely enough money to scrape by, and then my car broke (RIP), and I was forced to buy a new car. I was about 6 months away from graduating, and sucked it up and bought an LGT knowing I'd have to work more hours during the week in order to make the payments... Have fun!


Oh, btw, you bought a great car, even if its not an LGT. It's still better than 90% of the other cars on the road for a year-round reliable car.

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