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Legacy GT B

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Hi guys, new to this forum.


I am looking to buy a 6spd 4th gen Legacy GT-B.

Wondering if there is anything different between the 2006, 2007 or 2008 model?

Does this JDM have the rumory 280bhp? (or still have the 250bhp)?

(Like the JDM because it has a rear wiper, the NZ new model doesn't have it)


Is it worth to get one with SatNav, Leather (and/or heated seats) and sunroof?

The Sat Nav seems quite cool and useful with the 3 gauges.


SI Drive - does it really make a diff in response and economy?


Thanks in advance

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Only 07-09 Spec B's have the 6speed.


Sounds like your looking for a USDM Spec B


But your not in the USA.


If the GT-B is the same Nav as the Spec B the three gauges are not what you think. They are IMO usless. In fact most of the fluff in that system is useless.


The Nav in my Spec B is ok but my Tom Tom is much easier to use and better all around. I find it's nice to use both when I'm going somewhere I have never been before.


I leave the SI drive in S# all the time. I have gotten 28.5mpg on the highway with the car. But remember the dash display lie's, it's really like 27.5mpg.


I leave the Nav display on the gas milage screen most of the time.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


Engine Build - Click Here

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Thanks, I am in NZ

We get JDM imports here, wondering if it have 280hp or 250hp?

Seems like the JDM have 6 spd for spec bs for 2006

Does yours have the sunroof? how do you find it? Does the rubber seal crack or leak over time?

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The JDM GT's or SpecB are all 280bhp as far as I know.

I got my 2003 SpecB last year, I only test drove a few GT's and SpecB's, but they all felt relatively the same, with the SpecB's 'feeling' a bit quicker.

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I don't know precisely, but it should have a different bumper from the regular GT, as well as some extra bits of bolt on body trim on each side of the wheel wells.

Oh and it has the 18" wheels which are SpecB specific.

They should also all come with the McIntosh head unit as far as I know too.


although i was only looking at the 03/04 models, I think this stuff all applies still.

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But the JDM GT B I am looking at doesn't have the sat nav, is that an option NOT to have the screen for JDM model?

It does have the 18inch and I think the McIntosh sound as well, doesn't have the sunroof...

Can you tell if this is genuine?

Not all spec b have a logo at the back do they?

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can't give you a definitive answer sorry.

Mine didn't have satnav, which was actually a reason I chose it as would've been a waste of space being in Japanese.

Nah not all have the SpecB logo.

If it's got all the options you were after in the SpecB, there's probably no reason to worry too much at it not being genuine. I'd assume adding up all the options would be much more expensive then just starting with the SpecB level.

Also with the JDM models, I don't believe they're numbered, so doesn't seem like you're paying for a collectors item.

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I'm not that experienced with that kind of thing, someone else might be able to help you with it :)


I guess the usual, if it's manual make sure the clutch is not slipping (i assume putting it in 5th trying to struggle up a hill will test this, but not sure).

make sure the suspension isn't making any weird noises etc.

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