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Temp gauge high even while driving

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So tlast month my temp was rising to almost redline on quite a few occasions. The motor had 160k on it so I decided to do new headgaskets and waterpump. After getting into that, I decided to just rip out the motor and get a jdm motor with 47k on it. Started engine ran good took it for a ride around the neighborhood and temp gauge getting high again. I hope someone has some advice on what to do now. Is there a way to check if temp gauge or sending unit no good anymore?
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remove rad cap.

remove vent plug on the other side of the rad.

fill rad with coolant SLOWLY.


start car and idle until it reaches full operating temp and the cooling fans come on and wait until it settles down. (coolant will burp out of the rad.)


top off coolant. top off overflow bottle.


close up rad, vent plug and cap.

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OK so I tried "burping" as instructed in other threads. no good. now on to heater core, can I bypass it by looping the lines together on the intake like I did on domestic engines and troubleshoot it that way?


yes you can. you can do that on any car on the road. ive come across a few that run a tad warmer then normal...but not warm enough to be concerned about


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Well I was on vacation so I just got back burped the system and took it for a nice ride. Its a cool day in NJ but car seemed to run great and temp gauge is sitting where it should be. I'm happy about that. Now onto building new exhaust system.

Thanks for the help everyone

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