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Can someone chime in and let me know what the stock final drive is in a 98 Outback 5MT?


Even better, is there a chart or anything available that tells the final drive of all the Subarus?


Johnegg...this one is for you! lol




EDIT : just a quick thought. has anyone had good luck with the CV boot kits before? I've never used one...always replaced axles. I have a torn boot and I was thinking about giving it a shot


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the final drive of the 98 ej25 5 mt is 4.11.

same as the 95 - 99 ej22 4eat final drive ratio.


the 95 - 99 ej22 5mt is 3.9.


the chart you are looking for is out there but it may not be 100% accurate.


try gooling ''trannychart''. i know that will bring it up over at ultimatesubaru.org




the split boot kits are trash and will not last. don't waste your money.

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