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10 Min. EASY fix for Broken Rear Cupholders!!

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I posted this in the walkthroughs, but I feel like it's pretty 05-09 specific, so now it's here too. Mods if that is a no-no then I GUESS you can delete it...


So I'll snap some photos of this tomorrow, but its super easy and works super well. My rear cupholders broke at the base and they would no longer stay closed. I could finagle them open, but they were basically all sorts of f@cked up and they got in the way of feet and luggage and everything (plus they looked like crap).


What you need:

1 Bottle of 5 minute epoxy

1 package of velcro dots, black

1 small stick




1) You've got to pull out the little rubber stoppers marked in blue in the picture (courtesy of AK_GT). They should pull right out.


2) Mix your epoxy


3) Apply epoxy to back of velcro dot with small stick, spread a thin layer evenly.


4) Wait a minute or two for the epoxy to begin to set


5) Apply velcro dot on top of hole where rubber stopper came out of and press hard (it is best to put the spikey velcro pieces in the blue circles and the soft ones in the red circles)


6) Repeat epoxy procedure with soft velcro dot, and then place it gently against the spikey velcro so they are velcroed together, and the epoxy faces out


7) Gently close your cupholder into the position you want it to stay (make sure it's lined up right) and then press VERY HARD for 5 minutes


8) Repeat steps 1-7 with the other side, and you're done!


You now have velcro to hold your cupholders up!



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