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aftermarket clutch, and another noise

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hi all.


I own an Australian 2004 Gen IV 2.5i liberty (american 2005-2009 model, feel sorry you got it 2 years later over there). I get a heavy shudder when taking off. I know its clutch related (long story involving stealership's, thrust bearings and dual mass flywheels) So i want to get rid of the whole stinkin assembly and replace it.


I really want to know if you can use the OEM replacement Exedy KSB-04 clutch kit and the lightweight FF02 flywheel together, and if its compatible with my australian car.


details for the replacement single mass job from the australian exedy site are: Size: 225mm, Spline OD: 25.2mm, No. of Teeth: 24. however the part numbers are very different to the american exedy part numbers.


The exedy oem replacement single mass flywheel and clutch kit in australia is approx $950 - $1200 AU just for the parts, which is horrific. (I can get the KSB-04 and FF02 shipped to Australia for all of $600 AU)


I also have a strange noise Grinding noise coming from the back end of the car going around right hand corners. its intermittant, but if i hit a decent sized bump on a gravel road it will do it until i drive it on bitumen again. i wasn't to worried but i was driving with the sunroof open today and heard the same noise when i turn left aswell. its similar to a wheel bearing noise, but not really.


any suggestions would be great

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You can use that combo the issues is people that try to keep the dual mass and use a different clutch. The splines are the same 24 T as both turbo and non turbo use the same crank. That flywheel should improve revving without throwing crankshaft position sensor codes.
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Cheers GEE-OTTO. hadn't thought of the crank positioning sensors, only one way to find out for certain though. still of two minds about changing it, I hate pulling gearboxes out of cars without a proper car hoist.


although might have to do it sooner than later, the clutch keeps making that nice fruity burning smell if i take off in a hurry

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