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Water Pump DAMAGES - 1992-1994 Legacy

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Had a water leak which could be contained, by adding some water every morning,waiting for the weekend to change the water pump.

Leak was coming from inside the timing belt cover - suspect being water pump.

Having been told it could be changed over the weekend, I added water and checked the level all the time.

On the third day I heard a noise, screech like a bearing giving up, then silence - car moving, all is fine, then noticed temperature rising to half on gauge, where it never reached before, added water and drove abt 5km to garage.

Pump had seized, roller not moving and timing belt heating almost gone because of seized pump - roller not moving.

Whenever you have a leak from coolant pump, please change immediately it could do lots of damages, and whenever you change the timing belt also change the pump and the recommended pulleys, might save you a great deal.

Attached the damaged-broken pump photo, hope it encourages you to change yours.

Bought the car from an owner and didnt know whether pump was changed B4, so I only changed timing belt Before the pump issue.







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