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(Removing Pill) Outback Stage 3


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Hey guys,


I recently put in a Perrin Inlet and Catback Exhaust, on my stage 3 VF52 Outback. My tuner is seeing some bad creep coming in.


He wants me to remove the restrictor Pill and do some more pulls for him, and email over. Its InfamousTuning, he's done all my cars over eTune and worked out really well. I like his tune a lot.


Can you talk me through identifying the vacuum hose with the pill and removing it, and then I can send him some pulls tonight?


I have a heatshield over the Turbo and a Perrin TMIC.

Should i remove the IC first and then get at the hose down in the turbo area that way?



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Restrictor pill? Small vac hose on turbo with a dot of paint on it. If you pinch the hose at that spot you will feel it. Replce the line with new one, and done
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