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got a few questions just got my first subaru

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hi i just recently bought a 2.5 legacy gt and its pretty old a 97 im just wondering what kind of problems do they usually have? the clicks on the engine is about 270k now so i know im gonna run into some problems pretty soon , the last owner told me he had the cylinder head gasket replaced 2 yrs ago but i just wanna make sure nothing major happens to the engine
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Legacys are prone to problems just like any other car on the road. The trick to keeping them running is maintaining them.


Are you an automatic? The automatics sometimes exhibit "torque bind". Its not a major problem and doesn't render the car un-usable. Do a quick google search for "subaru torque bind"


The biggest problems with these cars the stock head gaskets. Out of the factory, they had weak head gaskets and usually fail somewhere around 90 - 110k miles. However, once they are replaced once, the are usually good for a lifetime.


There really isn't any other problem that these cars are prone to. Of course you will have to do regular maintenance, but overall these are EXCELLENT cars. I've owned 3 (currently have 1) and I'm about to buy another. I trust these cars to make it anywhere I need to go (I've driven cross country several times in them) and I trust them with my life if I were ever to get in a wreck with one.


Not to mention, they are amazing in the snow and ice...


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timing belts could be checked. ummm hmmm what else...


tranny drain and refill to freshen that up..


air filter



alignments help with making other parts in the driveline and sprung load last longer.


headcover seals leak?


maybe new ball joints and tierod ends.


strunts that old are probably toasted.

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thanks for the info and advice , yeah the head gasket has been changed last year as well as the struts i dunno about the ball joints and the timing belt though and yeah i should probably get the tranny checkd out , the car has a bit of hesitaton on first gear i think its probably because of the catalyctict converter but im not sure over all it drives well the clutch is too deep tho but i gunna get that changed next week and my car is a manual and i cant wait to try it out in winter especialy here in calgary the snow gets up to the knees lol
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