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1990 L FWD to AWD?

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Hey, so I have a couple of questions regarding a FWD to AWD swap.


1. Is it possible on a 1990 Legacy L sedan?

2.What all is required to complete the swap?

3. Would the parts from a same era (I believe 1992) AWD wagon be able to be donated?


My new girlfriend's dad and I were striking up a conversation and came to the legacy I drive. Apparently the family used to have a tan AWD wagon. Well, her and I took a trip to the grandparents farm today and it was sitting by itself in the middle of the back field. Not buried, but had had quite a few part taken off. The running gear is still underneath it though.


Best part is, he says he'll just give me the parts =)

"Racing is important to men who do it well. When you're racing...it's life. Anything that happens before or after, it's just waiting." -Steve McQueen in Le Mans
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