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New Single Cat-Back Option for OBXT/LGT


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I just got a custom single cat-back made for my 2005 OBXT. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and visited a small, local shop that makes aftermarket exhausts for a variety of high-end cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati.


I was tired of only 1 option for a made-to-fit catback for the OBXT; the AVO system at $1400 plus shipping and duty into Canada for the mid-pipe and axle-back sections, it was not a cost effective option.


I went to Dan P. @ Stebro Stainless Exhaust http://www.stebro.net/html/ to see what could be done. A Single was about $200 or so cheaper than a dual exhaust so I opted for that.... love the boxer rumble.


My overall impression of the exhaust is great. I have it mated to an ERZ 3" catted DP, with a Grimmspeed coated Up-pipe. I'm running the Cobb Stage II OTS map.


The sound increase was about 10-15% over stock, with a much more pronounced rumble. My wife was not thrilled about the change in sound, but we know that is normally the case in such matters... :lol:


The sounds at WOT was awesome with a nice low growl pulling away from lights in regular traffic.


After about 3 months of comments from the wife about the increased noise, I went back to Dan to see if I could compromise and quiet it down a touch. He suggested a resonated muffler tip insert, which he installed free of charge, since this was his first time working with a Subaru, and was very interested in getting things right. The tip would have no effect on performance, and would quiet the exhaust a bit.


The resonated tip was installed about 3 days ago, and the sound level is j perfect now, as my wife can't tell when I pull into the driveway, but the car still sings at WOT.


My only issue that I'm trying to diagnose is a bit of a roaring sound that has shown up at heavy acceleration, which I think may be an exhaust leak, but I'm not certain. It is only present under hard throttle, and sounds like a combination of a roaring sound, coupled with bit of a heat shield rattle... very odd. I'm going to try and determine if it caused by the new resonated tip, or something else... I'm hoping it is not my turbo going, as my car has 161,000 kms on it. Any tips for diagnosis? If it turns out to be caused by the resonated tip, I know Dan @ Stebro is committed to making this work the first time around, and getting the system dialed in perfectly, so we will work together to find the solution if it is the exhaust causing the noise.


I don't have any video yet, but here are some pics.











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